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A personal, reliable and professional employment agency, that's Rensie Flex.

An experienced team with lots of ambition

We are an experienced, professional organization and offer personal service and guidance like no other. Rensie Flex is committed and knowledgeable. In addition, we offer good working conditions for the employee and an attractive rate for our clients.

Our ambition is to find a suitable place or flexible employee for everyone. On our website you can view our vacancies whenever and wherever you want. Register to find a job. Or make an appointment if you are looking for the right employees.

The power of Rensie Flex

Our strength is the personal touch:

  • Personally supervise employees.
  • Provide personalized advice to our clients.
  • Being personally involved in placing the employee.

How do we find and make a match?

We do this based on the competencies of the talent and the experience required by the client. We also take into account the ambitions of the talent and opportunities for growth within the position. We see opportunities for the future!

The benefits of signing up with Rensie Flex?

Well, there are some. Team Rensie Flex has listed the most important benefits for you:

  • Send your resume to us and we will work to find the perfect place for you. As soon as we find something for you, Rosa will contact you.
  • We have available vacancies in various sectors. Chances are we have a suitable position for you!
  • Personal guidance, we do that by default.
  • Don't know where to start? No problem! We are happy to explain how we work. So together we can find a challenging job for you.
  • Rensie Flex is always nearby. We find the most fun, challenging jobs near you. So you get to work for top employers in the region.
  • Your company does not have an additional employee on the payroll.

Maybe you are the perfect match with the right competencies, motivation and ambition and you will soon take on a new challenge. Wondering what we can do for you? Sign up now!

Looking for a flexible talent for your company?

Rensie Flex finds the perfect match for your open position. This keeps the focus on the growth of your business and we will look for the right candidate. We are happy to make an appointment to discuss all the possibilities Rensie Flex can offer you.

Meet the Rensie Flex team

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