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Finding the right staff for your open position is an intensive and time-consuming job. That's where Rensie Flex comes in. We place the perfect match at your company so you can focus on your business.

Rensie Flex places the best-fit talent in your company

Nice to meet you, we are Rensie Flex. An experienced and professional company where personal approach and quality come first! We constantly monitor trends within the job market and respond accordingly. Guidance and service, that is important to us. Our expertise and flexibility are combined with a competitive rate for you, the client, and good working conditions for your employee.


The employee joins your company, but is employed by us, Rensie Flex. This means that...

  • Your company does not have an additional employee on the payroll.
  • Only hours worked will be charged.
  • The employee can be used flexibly at times when it is needed by the company.
  • There is no risk in case of illness.
  • We handle the remittance of social security contributions to the Tax Office.
  • As a NEN certified employment agency, we bear the responsibilities and risks of being a legal employer, and you cannot be held accountable for this as an employer.
  • We ensure continuity by taking care of possible replacement of the employee.

Personal guidance and service

When a flex worker joins your company through Rensie Flex, we supervise the employee on a daily basis to ensure a motivated employee who makes the best use of his competencies. We also maintain regular contact about the functioning, motivation and performance of the talent.

Well accessible, even outside office hours

Rensie Flex is always there for you, even outside office hours. Unexpectedly, you may be confronted with personnel issues. Then we are available and will do our utmost to serve you.


Does your company need (flexible) talents to deploy, but is maintaining focus on your own business important? Then Rensie Flex comes to the rescue! Send us an email if you want more information without any obligation or contact us by phone to make an appointment. We will immerse ourselves in your company and find the most suitable employee for your vacancy.

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